Innovation Unit

Research Centers

Center for Telemedicine Development

As our next-generation telemedicine, we have strengthened our relationships with specialist groups, engineering specialists, and companies to realize “palpation” remotely by utilizing 5G. Our goal is to develop an integrated system of examining the ideal ways of telemedicine, building devices, and making effective use of the network and data obtained.

Medical AI Research and Development Center

Regarding AI technology, we are centralizing and optimizing systems so that we can develop infrastructure and human resources for all medical departments. In addition, our center has been strengthening relations with the Medical Research Institute and companies to improve R&D capability for AI technology.

Industry Creation Laboratories

The Industry Creation Laboratories was established to promote an innovative impact on society by creating industries that have high added values. We plan to conduct joint research between Hokkaido University and private sectors to work on common problems for a certain time.

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Funded Research Division

The Funded Research Division was established to actively conduct education and research on its own initiative by making effective use of donations given from private organizations for the purpose of encouraging educational research at Hokkaido University Hospital.

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