Hokkaido University Hospital’s basic policy is to provide and develop advanced medical care and it is our mission to establish new medical technologies. In addition to being a Clinical Research Core Hospital, our hospital also plays the main role as the supporting institution for translational research at Hokkaido University. The Institute of Health Science Innovation for Medical Care was built to fulfill these missions.

The Institute consists of the Promotion Unit, which promotes and supports research and development, and the Innovation Unit, which conducts the distinctive development research. The former is composed of five centers that have expertise in various research support and a management office. The latter is composed of research centers where the latest cross-disciplinary research is conducted. By organically working together, we will support researchers not only at the hospital but also inside and outside the university and actively promote industry-academia collaboration, thereby contributing to the progress of medical care and health science not only in Japan but also in the world.

We look forward to your continued support of the Hokkaido University Hospital Institute of Health Science Innovation for Medical Care.

Institute of Health Science Innovation for Medical Care(HELIOS)
Sato Norihiro